Friday, 30 August 2013

The Vile Machine

To play this game, you have to know what to do. I didn’t know how to play this game because I got mixed up. I asked Matthew for help. Matthew knew the pattern because if there are two drinks that are the same and the others are different, that means it equal. It was extremely challenging because I got all of the answers incorrect. I think that the teacher can make it even more difficult then I will try and figure it out.

Poster: Washing Hands

Please wash your hands

Keep germs away

Friday, 23 August 2013

Inspirational Person Sir Edmund Hillary

Walt: use our research to write an essay on an inspirational person.

In secondary school, Hillary became more interested in mountaineering. He has conquered  Mount Everest, that is why his face is on the five dollar note. I chose Edmund Hillary as my inspirational person because when I’m  grown up I will climb One Tree Hill. Edmund Hillary had a lot of perseverance. It took about seven days to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Sir Edmund first climbed Mt Ollivier.  

During World War 2, Edmund applied to join the Royal New Zealand air force. Edmund Hillary is the most honest man in the universe. Edmund Hillary is a modest. Hillary will encourage me to climb One Tree Hill. Hillary accepted a huge challenge by climbing Mt Everest.

Edmund was married to Louise Mary Rose. They had three kids. Their names were Peter,Sarah and Belinda. Louise and Belinda were killed in a plane crash near the Kathmandu airport before they were going to take off.

Streets and schools were named after Edmund Hillary around New Zealand. Their names were Hillary collage in Otara, Edmund Hillary Primary School in Papakura.

A 2.3-metre bronze statue of Sir Edmund was outside the Hermitage hotel at Mount Cook Village, New Zealand, in 2003. In 1945, he was sent to Fiji and the Solomon Islands where he was badly burnt in a boat inciden.

Hillary was my inspirational person because I wanted to be famous at art instead of being a mountaineer.   

Sir Edmund Hillary in 2006.

Converting fractions into decimals

Walt: convert the fractions into decimals.

To play this game, you have to know how to convert a fraction to a decimal. It wasn’t easy for me because I didn’t learn how to convert the fraction with 4 digits. I knew  how to convert fractions with a denominator of 10 or 100. I remembered that I just needed to write 787 because there is no numbers on the denominator except the number 1. I think that the teacher can make it more difficult by putting more digits on top.   

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Identifying fractions

Walt: find fractions of a shape.

To play this game you have to find a fraction of a set. It wasn’t challenging for me because you just have to find 3/4. 3/4 for an example means that if you draw a circle, then you draw it into 4 pieces, you have to shade in three pieces then you’ll have one more piece left.     

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ordering decimals

To play this game, I have to pop the balloon from smallest to biggest. I’ve got some answers wrong because I wasn’t focusing. I keep on getting mixed up by popping the decimals from small to big. What I need to learn next is to revisit problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages.    

Friday, 16 August 2013


As I was dribbling the ball to my friend,
a lot of time was spend
then my friend did a three pointer
but then the huge orange ball suddenly slammed the rim,
the time was wasted as the other player runs to get the ball but trips and then skim his skin

As the whistle blows for half time, everyone takes a huge break
when the break is finish, we all play serious
we have to hide the ball in case the others try to snatch it
once other people travel the ball
they start to get all mad
the referee starts to blow the whistle for the game to be over
all the players stand in line and shake the teams hand

Friday, 9 August 2013


To play this game you have know what the shape are when it appears. I didn’t know what was a rhombus and a parallelogram. Instead I just remembered the shape of it. I got better and better at it.       

Friday, 2 August 2013

Money wise

Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan.

When Evan talked to us about money wise, he was right because in my family, my eldest brother doesn’t know how to take care of his money. He just likes to spend it on his things instead of paying bill. When I’m going to be the age of my eldest brother I will be more responsible with my money. Evan told us about his story when he was a kid. He convinced me to save money and spend a little as well.